Artikel des Herstellers: Karin Lindeskov

Karin Lindeskov Andersen is a Danish freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany.

Her work embraces a variety of handmade home decor-designs but mainly concentrates around
a wide range of print products including posters, postcards and limited edition prints. The common denominator of her products is the playfullness that flows through her work across all medias and styles.
A quirky multi-character solar system with pineapples hovering alongside pen-shaped planets
is characteristic for her diverse visual universe.

Her selection of illustrations for children is populated by a multitude of animals in an often 
simplistic and brightly coloured style, while the products in her collection for "grown ups" have a more
poetic expression with a meticulous line and a never tiring accumulation of details. 

Originally from Denmark, and educated from Design School Kolding, Karin's Scandinavian heritage can
be traced in particular in her most minimalist illustrations with simplistic typography in focus.

Besides her work with self-initiated projects, Karin offers large and small-scale solutions to clients in a field spanning from small private companies to international organizations.

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