Artikel des Herstellers: Mr & Mrs Clynk

Mr Clynk is Jerôme Clynckemaillie, interior designer, formerly close associate to Andrée Putman.
Mrs Clynk, is Karine, independent textile designer.

Bringing their talents together, they have been working for the past six years in close collaboration designing objects that mix fine crafts with industrial technics.

Sensitive to simple , natural and timeless materials, they enjoy mixing purity with poetry.

Motifs and colors are inspired from second hand object findings and memories they bring back from travels.
This is how Mr and Mrs Clynk come up with original designs for lamps, cushions, and ceramic objetcs edited by Atomic Soda.

Always working in close collaboration with local craftmen they have developed with Andrée Jardin brushes and grooms manufactured in Nantes.

They are exhibited each year by there editors at Maison & Objets design fair.

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